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Management is said to be one of the tools that determine the success and progress of an organization or a company. Surely, tasks, people and resources are managed to achieve efficiency and reach goals. But sharing knowledge and managing it in the people within the organization fuels productivity and one’s development.

Being in public service, I believe that our organization will benefit much from Knowledge Management. In an organization, people come and go- most especially millennials of today who choose to leave and quit their jobs in just a snap without sharing their tacit knowledge that can help the organization grow. Same goes to those employees who take their retirement.

Knowledge Management involves strategies and processes designed to identify, capture, structure, value, leverage, and share an organization’s intellectual assets to enhance its performance and competitiveness and eventually gain more profit for that matter. Not only will the good practices be adopted by the new employees, but people will also have the chance to innovate and explore more on the knowledge shared most especially on how to ease day-to-day challenges.


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Truly, knowledge is power but knowledge sharing is empowerment. When a person is knowledgeable of the skills on how to survive a drowning boat, that person will be able to save himself. Sharing and teaching others of the skills that one hse will also save other people who are on the same boat. The process will go on, leaving everyone with skills to do a better job of saving one’s self and others. This is also applicable to any organization.

Without knowledge management, organizations will have a hard and rough time investing on their human resource.



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Being wired digitally is one of the common things that are rampant nowadays. Everyone has the ability to connect to the Internet and other software through gadgets for personal reasons-maintaining relationships online, communication, business affairs and even just out of curiosity.

Business intelligence could be one of the best innovations in this century that is converting the over-all process of a business or an organization a competitive one. However, its state of being available doesn’t mean it’s going to be compatible and will be an interest to all companies. There might be specific reasons as to why they avoid using one but utilizing even just one of these will surely be an advantage.


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Fear is a relevant assumption that can be associated with people avoiding using business intelligence tools. In this case, I agree that offering rewards to employees who are knowledgeable in using these will become effective. A simple recognition will do, a certificate or a citation that will really leave importance to the employee where one can conclude that doing better can go a long way. In this way, employees will be inspired to explore on the said tools given that there is something for them at the end of the process.

On the other hand, paying a performance-based fee on using business intelligence tools will also be a good bait to force employees to try these innovations. Not only will they know the latest trends in technology, but they will also offer quality and efficient productivity to the organization as a whole. It will give them a feeling that they are well-paid for a job they are doing beyond the usual, knowing for a fact that they have been doing tactics the old way for decades.

Business intelligence tools are making their way to be mainstream to all companies. It gives not only convenience to ease processes, but it does more accuracy thus, lessens human error.

With the existence of the internet, mobile application, mobile banking, and of course smartphones, everything is possible. You can watch a movie, download a series of drama and even buy things online. Whatever it is in your mind, e-businesses have it. Let’s digest how internet and shopping have paved the way for better living.



Online shopping will just get better through time. However, along with this innovation is the requirement of being a wise customer. Happy shopping!

What’s on wireless?

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Gone are the days when people have to wait for a number of months to receive their mails. More often than not, it will take several days for documents to be processed in offices and be acted upon. The new millennium has brought about so many beneficial creations that maybe some of us didn’t see it coming. Let us call on wireless technology.

According to studies, most of the millennials are already digitally wired. Sky is the limit to those who have internet connections as one can do anything that is wanted at any given time. If we try to dissect, wireless network connection is offering a number of opportunities.

For companies, wireless network technology has caused economic opportunities. It allowed the companies to save a huge amount of money since all transactions can be possibly done online nowadays. Information sharing that is usually done through meetings can be effortlessly done in just a click away without really appearing in the concerned party- spending for the fare and all means just to get the business done. Associated with opportunities is the opportunity for the organization to increase productivity. With wireless network technology, mobility of work will always be available so employees will have the chance to maximize their freedom of operation. Added to this is an avenue for these employees to collaborate with their co-employees easily in their own time, if they wish. Files that are necessary for the procedures of an organization for an instance are stored and can be accessed by all employees as long as it’s stored in a network- more like of a central file.

Although wireless network technology is a big catch for a company, it should be treated with care. Guidelines such as only employees of an organization are allowed to access that local network of an organization to highlight confidentiality of data is a must. Also, all data and information is restricted to the operations of the company and organization to ensure that security is controlled.

With proper management and usage of the wireless network technology, all organizations and companies will gain. Generally, this kind of technology saves time, human and monetary resource, and even maximizes opportunities for the better performance of the organization.


Information technology is undeniably one of the tools that guards all necessary data to the function of an organization or a company. Once you’ve got the skills to effectively and efficiently run programs, you’re gonna go a long way.

For employees, there is the fear of totally adapting to the glory of IT. Let’s admit it-it takes guts and talents to really master all the pieces. In my humble opinion, it is going to be fair for the organization to outsource IT Security. Given that there is no one capable of handling such within the organization, it would be better to turnover the security to a trusted partner rather than sacrificing and compromising the whole thing.

In IT, risk will always be identical to it. Danger is present whenever one company decides to outsource IT security. One is confidentiality of information, most especially if it contains assets and identity of people. All data that is obtained by a company could really be used for and against them. Other issue could include access to IT itself. Since one have entrusted it to a third party, the organization will have no quick access to their information-needing the aid of the people in-charge that could probably take heaps of time. Another thing could be miscommunication at some point. Since an organization have many data to store, there will come a point that one data is more important than the other- and this is going to set a different level of perspective from the manager and the IT-expert. What is important to you as a manager will not be as important to the IT geek.

Should IT outsourcing be done, certain provisions in the service legal agreement must be highlighted. If the instance come that there is already tampering and exploitation of the data and information, one needs to realize his liability. All passwords and access shall be made confidential and turning over of these things must be done if the third-party decides to separate from service. He should also be made aware of the scope of the intellectual rights of the organization.

Although it is fine to outsource IT security, it is best if the company can invest in their employees when it comes to this. But whenever they should, the manager may have to find good people to do business with – preferably through referrals – and trust instincts.




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The first step in solving a problem is to be aware that really, there is one. Sure, all organizations encounter problems and challenges and it takes a tough manager to overcome those.

Information Technology is but an important part of every function today. Fast food chains, hardware, and grocery store have systems that monitor, holds and process the activity of a specific outfit. These entities and establishments also face issues, most especially on the production of goods and services, which frequently arise in the workplace. When this happens, it’s the manager who calls the shot.

Critical thinking is necessary for a manager when taking part in Information System decisions. One can’t just make a decision just because it is the easiest or the less risky procedure. An efficient manager is able to realize and determine better options quickly without compromising the desired output. One is able to determine and understand the logical connections and ideas. It is but a very substantial part in every sound decision.


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When one manager is able to think critically weighing objectively all the options present, it would be great if it is complemented with excellent leadership skills. Leaders, in nature, are always liable of the decisions in a company or an organization. Leadership skills would mean accountability, positive influence, motivator and of course, a firm decision-maker. In this case, a leader is a team player who uses the power to encourage people to support his motive.

Communication skill is also a course in the table. Managers are expected to let their subordinates understand the decision taken or be engaged in the process of choosing between choices that would benefit the company best. It is always necessary for a manager to communicate with his line and subordinate staff- to lobby and ask for further ideas in order to maintain the same level of thinking. Through communication, better relationships are created, deriving at increased teamwork and better decision making.

Information System has nothing but convenience to each and every entity. It only differs, however, on the way it is managed by someone who’s got the skills to fully maximize its potential.








How is IT Helpful?

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Gone are the days when our grandparents were used of sending telegrams just to communicate with their pals. It is also almost impossible to remember the exact date when we last used our floppy disks to save our academic projects that meant everything to us. It was precisely a rough time moving on from the typewriter machine when data software were introduced. Indeed, lots of convenience were brought by IT not only to institutions and organizations, but also for every significant individual.

In my existence, although IT has its own weakness, it has a lot to do on how quickly I can go about my life. IT has given so much substance in terms of wireless connection. There is the presence of social media, where everything is possible. Through Wireless Fidelity, there is an ease in communicating, transferring, monitoring and processing of matters that are necessary to the function and sanity of a person or an organization. If it takes a couple of months to receive snail-mail documents before, electronic copies can always be generated now-in just a click away.


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Above other things, IT has saved a lot of resources. The human resource and financial resource of an organization are greatly affected. A machine is one of the best examples that can illustrate this scenario where the work of two people can be done by just one machine. Not only that money (salary) is saved but also the amount of time is conserved. That would mean, not only that workers are effective since they know what their specific work is, work efficiency is increased.

In my field of public service, IT has become our tool in making decisions for the Commission on Population. Because of our Management Information System Unit, data are used as benchmarks as we program our next projects and services. Since now is the time that evidence are needed to tell a story, I can say that IT plays a very significant role in today’s whereabouts. Also through IT and its platforms, our demand generation function is strongly executed.

Some people would still think what’s in it for them when they explore and invest in Information Technology. Sure, with proper usage and knowledge how to manage these, They can go further. IT only gets better.


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At some point in your life, you will encounter someone who is absolutely 100% perfect for you. There is a catch, though. There is always a catch. It could be a force beyond your control. It could be something that you bring upon yourself; your fears, needs, or feelings that you weren’t ready for. It may be an age difference, a distance problem, or some other way of physically keeping you apart. The point is, this person could have been everything you wanted, but they slipped through the cracks. They are known most commonly as the one that got away. But what if the one that got away is back?

He got away because of your immaturity. He got away because of the certain things you thought was extraordinary and you thought you can’t handle. He got away because you were selfish. He got away because you thought he wouldn’t be so much for you. He left because you made him thought you don’t deserve him. He left because he really felt unwanted when all he was asking was to love him back.

Gone are the days that you didn’t even think of him. You concentrated on building yourself, making memories with the wrong person, achieving your personal goals and having good times with the environment you were in. During those times, there will always be one thing that will remind you of him and how crazy you were few years back. May this thing be a letter, a word, a song, or even just a thought but it will pinch you on the inside. Even just a little bit.

Late at night when you are having the worst day of your life burdened with the worst person you’re with at the present, you are left with options of thinking the ‘what if’s’ like thinking the possibility of not cutting your relationship before with someone who was ready to give the whole world to you. What if you didn’t make him feel that you didn’t love him at all? What if you were mature enough to handle a relationship that time? What… If…?

You’d be insane thinking what he was doing during the time that he was moving on, what he did when you were enjoying the life of being single for a while, being with another guy for just split of a second and leaving him of the whereabouts why you have broken up with him, and you’d be hysterical to find out how he dealt with the heartbreak you caused him.

You will think that you didn’t deserve how well he treated you, how long he stayed with you, how would he stayed awake just to speak to you and worst, you’d think that you didn’t deserve him. But again, what if he comes back? You made your way back to each other’s arms, fell madly in love as if nothing happened in the past. Everything is so perfect. Everything seems to last a lifetime.

You’ve lost that person and found him again. The second time around, things just made more sense. Honestly, timing has a lot to do with everything. In the past, you aren’t ready for each other yet that is why you parted ways. This time, don’t let him go. This chance is giving yourself a second try just like giving yourself an extra bullet for your gun because you missed him the first time.

Give it your best shot.



As I sit on a table surrounded with my housemates, I can see all of them struggling to comply with all of the requirements they need to have in compliance with their graduation. I can see myself on them as I was fighting against exactly the same things a year ago. With that, I can see that most people, if not all are doing all means to achieve his/her own goal. I’ve been seeing the same scenario in this table for the past months and it made me look back on the things I’ve had after complying all of these—GRADUATION, A DEGREE!

The day after graduation, I was torn between statements of “No, you must reward yourself first for working too hard for your degree” and “get up, find a job, pay your parents back for all the sacrifices and achieve your life goals”. Apparently, it is never wrong to reward yourself of some good treats for working your butt off in attaining your degree. On the other hand, it defeats the purpose of graduating on time if you make reasons of delaying your life goals, doesn’t it?

In a perspective of my young mind and experience in 21 years, here are some of my realizations after graduation:

1. Not figuring your life out just yet is natural. During youth, you are at the peak of your curiosity, exploring possibilities of doing this and doing that and the consequences of this when you do that. It is just natural not to know what you want to settle for in the future, exempting the fact that you graduated with a degree you really want to practice. So, it is definitely fine at the age of 20 or 21 not to know where you are going, just do not totally lose control of what you aim. Chill.

2. Your first job is not your forever job. You might have attained a degree in education or journalism and practice it in the first six months of getting that degree. It rarely happens that you practice your degree in profession, I congratulate you if that’s the case, but there will always be something in you to think over the box and have the urge to try other profession and savor how it feels like. Quitting your first job is not a crime at all.

find20job20logo3. You want to do so many things but you lack resources. It is like a norm in the Philippines that your parents are supporting you every step of the way towards your goals. However, most parents, if not all, assume that fresh graduates can support themselves right after. But that is just not the case. After graduation, you will still long for the things you do when you were in college such as hanging out with your friends, going out on a pub, buying these stuff and all. And it will kill you every time you want to do so but you can’t because you don’t have money. And it sucks.

4. Romantic relationship will be the last item in your life. This may not be applicable to all but you will be at the lowest point of your life because of confusion in priorities. You will not know how you will be able to start in achieving your wants. It is very difficult to be in a relationship without knowing your own sense of direction. So do not expect those relationship goals just right after graduation because reality in life slaps real hard.


5. You will have the worst feeling of inferiority. It is awful to be belittled by other people but at some point in other people’s life, they feel inferior, especially fresh graduates when it comes to job application. You must acknowledge the fact that you are not the only person who graduated Summa, Magna of Cum Laude in this universe, you’re not the only fresh graduate with that degree from that university. However, you must trust yourself and everything else will follow. It is completely understandable if you will be rejected a couple of times. What matters most is that, you tried.

6. You must plan your future. It really pays if you plan your life. Not just a general plan but a detailed one. When you plan a house, you just don’t decide when to build a house but you also must consider where to get money to build a house and what materials to be used. In short, you must plan what is gonna happen in your life and what you want to achieve 5 or 10 years from now. To make it more effective, list down the things you want to do or achieve yearly. Just a little piece of advice, take a look at that list first thing in the morning.

7. Failure is delayed success. It is inevitable that you compare yourself with your batch mates right after graduation. You will have the tendency to compare their success to your success and you will realize that some of them are already ahead of you in the race. Maybe that is because they are so eager and so driven not to be left by time. The extra amount of effort and hard work made all the difference. Maybe, it is no just your time to shine like they do, or maybe there are better things ahead of you that God made you wait for. Just always remember that the best things come to those who wait but better things happen to those who chase them. You’ll shine when you least expect it.



Things do not always work the way you want them. They happen in the most candid way, in your least expected timing. You do not expect these phenomena to happen but I surely that if they do, just trust yourself and trust God, you’ll be perfectly fine. These things are better in their right timing. Just relax as you witness magical objects in your life unfold. It’s okay to stumble down, it’s okay to be confused, it’s okay to be rejected. Don’t rush, enjoy your life with purpose!

Couldn’t get over this most terrific exchange program I was in so far. So many connections established, camaraderie gained, and learning digested. Thank you, United States of America! 🙂