Remnants of Japan Experience

Posted: October 16, 2013 in Articles, Travel
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Upon arrival– We arrived in Tokyo Narita International Airport in the night of May 25th. When we were about to make a line in the immigration, I observed that the employees that were facilitating were very hospitable and caring. Even if they still don’t know us, we really received a very warm welcome.

Day 1- We arrived one day ahead than the other participating country so we really had so much time to roam around the hotel in the morning. Upon the arrival of other delegation, you can really see how they were grateful to be a part of the JENESYS 2.0.They were participative in making friends especially Vietnam, Laos, and Thai people. In the afternoon, I was really amazed because the briefing really started on time.

Day 2- During our travel from Narita to Tokyo, I was really astonished seeing that every corner of the street has street lights. The driver of every car is really following the traffic rules. Even when there’s no one crossing, the cars really stop when the lights turn red. There were no blowing of horns and over speeding. The briefing started at 10:00 but they mandated everybody to be seated at 9:45. Just an evidence that Japanese people really value every second.

Day 3- Day 3 came and we, the participants, were obliged to go in our perspective prefecture already. I came to meet plenty of friends living in other ASEAN Nations. That was the beginning of gaining the friendship. Finally, we rode in the bullet train (the greatest vehicle/means of transportation I could ever wish for by the way). I seated near the window on the right so I could take a glimpse of Mt. Fuji. When we arrived in Nara, the people there never failed to make you feel welcomed. It was also the first time that we encountered the Craft museum and Temples. Japanese people are doing all the means in maintaining what they have that they think makes them rich in culture.

Day 4- We went to plenty of temples and shrines in Nara and I was amazed how they preserver their infrastructures. They make the as a tourist spots and a place for field trips. In one temple we went, I took plenty of pictures with the Nara(deer) because they are free to roam around and mingle with other people. I believe Japanese people don’t make any harm to those animals because they believe that creatures around them contribute to their luck.

Day 5- In this day, I realized how eco-friendly Japan is. They make the most of everything they do without harming the environment. They do things to help ease the daily activities without giving risks to their surroundings. I’ve come to realize this idea when we were able to visit the Daiwa House that says, “Endless Innovation”.

Day 6- Day 6 was the time to meet Japanese students in Doshisha University. The students there don’t judge you with your physical appearance or so. They don’t mind how you speak English because their main purpose is to make friends. I was so fascinated when I met one Politics student that was able to study in the Philippines for a semester. She was uttering all the Tagalog words she could still remember. She really has a sharp memory. In the late afternoon, we had a workshop and all of my group mates was so participative that all has something to day.

Day 7- During our travel back to Tokyo for our final presentation, I can see cleanliness everywhere. When we had our lunch, I saw that the people in every kiosk where so busy. There were no salesladies, just the owner of the store. The people were very business- minded that they have no time to relax. During the presentation, all of the groups presented well applying all that they have learned in the program. Technology, friendships, and critical thinking.

Day 8- The time of saying goodbye. A week of being together is a really hard time to break the friendship gained. All of us cried, I mean all of us since we are united to each other now. But nevertheless, we are proud of bringing the Nation’s name in to success. And upon our way home, the big challenge is in our shoulder to apply what we have learned to make ASEAN countries as one in December 31, 2013.


  • Japanese people really value time which is a failure to the Filipinos.
  • Japan is economically and technologically progressing in a way that they could not harm others while in the Phil., Filipinos will do all the means just to earn money.
  • Though Japan is a very rich country now they never fail to treasure their temples and shrines. They always keep their tradition and values with nevertheless of the modernization happening.
  • Japanese people are very hardworking. They are business- minded that I’ve seen no saleslady on the stores. Instead, the owners themselves will serve you while in the Philippines you can see saleslady almost every corner in the store.
  • For Japanese people, serving is loving. I just noticed in the Philippines, plenty do not serve without expecting something in return.


  •  I strongly recommend that homestay during the program should be implied. I think home visit for 3 hours is not enough where the participants and the host family is jut in the stage of knowing each other. They won’t get any interactions and sharing about their culture, traditions, and values. This is what I think is lacking but the entire program and trip was a big YES.


            Being one of the delegates for the JENESYS 2.0 Batch 2 is not a journey to explore but a challenge to be accepted.

            Essay and credentials are our primary tools that took us to the Land of the Rising Sun. In my own experience, the trip was an educational tour. The Japanese Govt., gave me an idea how progressive Japan is. Somehow, I have reflected what the problems in the Philippines are and how they can be solved using the knowledge that I am acquiring every day when I was in Japan.

            After the program, I believe that the Japanese Govt., will not follow us in our country and observe how we will use the information that we had. I think that they just want the commitment. The commitment to initiate/make a change in your own country.


            Of course, I wouldn’t be able to participate in this program without the support of my parents. My sisters who aided me financially and my peer who emotionally motivated me. My primary thanks goes to my college professor, Me. Ricky G. Abalena III for he was the one who encouraged me to apply for this program. Without his challenging words, I wouldn’t be applying at all. To the National Youth Commission especially to Ms. Sarah G. Grutas who was my adviser during the process of my passport. Without her opinion and suggestions, I should be joining the third batch now. Above all, to God Almighty who is and will continue to guide me every step of the way. Without His permission, my travel from ILO-MNL-NRT and vice versa will not be successful. To God be the Glory! JImageImageImage


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