Wet Socks

Posted: October 16, 2013 in Articles, Journalism
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                Corruption in the Philippines is as old as the Stone Age. It continuously poisons a lot of people and causes them to hurt their countrymen. In Iloilo City, many projects are planed but only few are put in to work.

                The drainage system in the City is now causing a lot of hassles to Ilonggos. Those projects like the road reconstruction is a big hindrance for everybody as they always deal with them every day when they go to work. Now that the rainy season has come, the drainage system is a big question for all of the people. No kids arrive home without getting their socks wet. This problem has questions what the causes are, how it will be solved and who are liable for this? The way I see it, I can see anomalies.

                A certain project must be approved before it should be implemented. There should be target duration of work and proposed amount of work. In this sense, I believe that the workers should really do their part in doing their job in such a way that they meet the deadlines and the quality of the work they are doing is more than satisfactory. The money that is used to pay them are the taxes- which the countrymen pay by the way, thus, giving them the accountability.

                I could not imagine how this project-turned-problem is happening right now. Projects implemented are supposed to be the remedy on all the problems that we are encountering. But what happens now is that these projects contribute to the burden that we carry every day. I myself would like to appeal on this matter that these project should be done with seriousness and should be taken with the principles on giving importance to the convenience of the people. Now, I disagree on what PNoy said, “kayo ang aking Boss” where in the first places, troubles are what the administration gives.

                Talking about corruption, what I would like to emphasize now is that, if we only have responsible leaders elected, this will not happen. The delays of the projects and the inefficiency of the drainage systems will not happen. Just so you know, the failure of the drainage systems causes us to have floods even if the rain pours just a minute. Most especially in the major roads that undergoes construction, number of people get annoyed of the water reaching above their ankles. To shorten words, if there is no corruption, all is going to be well.

                But in my existence, never did I experience that the government has taken an action to correct their wrongdoing. They continue to implement projects that they think are always beneficial. I guess the problem will have 1 basic answer. Be honest.





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