Why be glamorous?

Posted: October 16, 2013 in Articles, Journalism
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                To socialize means to gain friends. To mingle means to start acquaintance. It is just necessary to make an effort on yourself so you can be called as “in” when you go with a group. But in the College of Communication, it seems that being “in” is a must for every one.

                West Visayas State University is one of the most prestigious Universities in the Philippines. Not only for its quality education but also for the financial benefit that it gives since it offers low tuition. I also have been encouraged to study in this university since it left an outstanding performance in any field through the years. I belong to the College of Communication and I became worried of one of the illness of my College- students are too much glamorous.

                When you enter the College, you will see flawless girls wearing 5-inch heels. If they are not in uniform, you might think that they are beauty queens. Some of them walk through the hallway with red-pouting lips and above-the-knee skirts. To be strict, they are contradicting the College guidelines. First, students must have light make-up only. Second, the ideal skirt is below the knee. Lastly, the proper shoes to be worn is not as high as what these girls are wearing.

                As I what I have mentioned above, to socialize means to gain friends. Most of the students in the College of Communication, if not all, are fond of going out or what they call “night out”. To those who can manage, good. But to those who can’t, that might be a problem. They are fond of going to Annex, Ice and Aura and drinking those “agua de pataranta” not minding the possible effects of their doing- abseentism, hang-over, lost.

                As much as students want to be with their group, they sometimes commit to vices. At first, they just try this thing until such time that they get addicted and they could not resist them anymore. I believe that peer pressure and curiousness drove them to try those things but it is not proper that they make them as a habit. Smoking and too much ear piercing are the most committed violations of these people. They do not value how smoking will make its revenge and they are not aware how piercing smudges their physical appearance.

                I don’t understand how being glamorous can make you acceptable in the eyes of the people. It is just a waste of money, waste of time, and somehow, a waste of your life. Since I also belong to this college, I might think that being simple keeps you more glamorous, since being you is the best that being liked by who you are not. So, be true.



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