7.2 Magnitude

Posted: October 19, 2013 in Articles, Experience
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I have been a frustrated singer. I always sing in the bathroom instead. But when I was having my concert in the shower one day, I found myself rolling on the floor.

Never did it come in to my mind that an earthquake will come and visit my place. I should have known so I should’ve postponed my concert, kidding.  Seriously, that earthquake happened in Visayas was the strongest among those I have experienced. In my 18 years of existence, I only witnessed how a glass breaks on the floor, how the altar shakes and how students scream in the canteen when a mild earthquake is happening. But this one is different, really.

In just 30 seconds of earth’s dancing, Billions of infrastructures had been dissolved, hundreds of lives vanished, and numerous historical places have been damaged. Thank God that Iloilo has encountered lesser damage than Cebu and Bohol did. But we are still scared since series of aftershocks still happens and we could not deny the fact of having phobia.

One of the major damage that the earthquake has left was the ruined churches in Cebu and Bohol. They were made decades ago and they were like existing for more than 400 years. In just half a minute, they were destroyed. I guess, this is just one of Mother Earth’s warning.

Even the famous Chocolate Hills in Bohol revealed their vanilla filling. It is quite sad to know that the Chocolate Hills, which is known to be one of the Philippines Tourist attractions, has became a danger zone to all. But believe me, Bohol will get back in track in no time.

As of now, Bohol experienced 1,800  aftershocks(according to TV Patrol) and I only wish the safety of every humankind who experienced the tragedy. I am just so thankful that Iloilo, though experienced the same occurrence but not the same intensity and magbitues since we just experienced magnitude 5.0, has been spared for that earthquake holiday.

In Iloilo, classes have been suspended the following day since building in schools were checked by the city government as to secure the condition. Good thing the government has done a good deed on this aspect.

For now, what we can do is to pray. Pray harder that Almighty God would help us in facing this kind of endeavor. Of course, this will be a warning, too. Warning for people who do not calculate their deeds involving mother nature.



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