I am bound to take off from my 18th. The seatbelt of happiness keeps me holding, my friends and families serve as my stewardess s through all the flight I am in, my co-passengers in the flight which aims to destruct and ruin me. But, I am the pilot of my own plane, therefore I have the right to decide on my own.

My 18th was a very good age for me. Though I wasn’t able to welcome it with fancy gown, red roses, luscious cakes and glamorous cotillion, I know that this age would give so much happiness to me.  At first, I feel disappointed when my parents told me that I will not be having a party (feeling of anybody teenager like me) but then, I realized that my parents are doing their best to earn money, and that, those money are used for me to study.

I turned 18 November 1 last year. I guess anybody who will read this will link my birthday to Halloween parties (lol). But yes, I do not regret that I was born in that day because all people do celebrate it in their own respective homes.

On March 2013, I again gave pride to my parents for being an awardee in Academics, Silver Medalist to be specific. I did this already for two consecutive years and I hope to maintain this, this academic year.

This year has also been a stepping stone for me. This year or academic year perhaps, gave me a chance to make a name in our college. I have been part of the Communication Student Council and of course, how could I forget my journey to Japan? Going there has given me chances to realize that I am lucky. Luckier than any other student out there. This trip will always stay in my heart and soul.

From the time that I turned 16, I feel empty every time my birthday comes. Though everyone is coming to my house to celebrate it my birthday with me, I just feel incomplete inside. I feel like something is missing and thus bothering me.

But now that I look back to what I have done in my 18 years of being, I can conclude that I have made a difference. Not only to myself but of course to other people. I did not fail to help others especially children who are the hope of our fatherland. From the reading advocacies to volunteer talks and seminars, I gave myself just to help them. But then it’s up to them whether to accept or reject it.

Of course, I have plenty of wishes in my life. But if I will be asked for one wish on my 19th birthday, it would be my family. I wish that my sisters will go home here in the Philippines. For your information, I have 3 siblings and all of us are girls and all of them are out of the country. The eldest has a family now in Canada, with her is my 2 nephews and 1 baby niece. I would love to see and hug them cause I just always see them in Skype. Me and my eldest sister haven’t seen each other for 7 years now. My second sister is in Dubai and I haven’t seen her for 3 years and next is in Qatar for 1 year now.

But I don’t feel bitter if they are away because I know that they have to grow for themselves as well. It’s just that, I miss them. But nevertheless, I really feel blessed that I have them because they help my parents to provide me the things I need.

Of course, I know that what I wish is impossible for now because of time constraints. But yes, I wish all the best for me and my family and I wish that all of my dreams( that have been realized just now) will come true sooner or later.

Thank you to all who greeted me both in SMS and SNS. I appreciate them, really. So I took time and effort to respond to all of those as well. To God be the Glory! 

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