Dos and Don’ts in Social Media in times of Crisis

Posted: November 14, 2013 in ReBlogged
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Social media is a powerful tool during times of need, but its power can go both ways. Here are a few do’s and don’ts for the social media savvy, post Yolanda.

DO use your accounts to share vital information with your network. It may seem like everyone is repeating the same thing but it is crucial at this time for as it to reach as many people as possible.

DON’T use your accounts for self-promotion. Now is not the time to announce a new product you are selling (unless you plan to give some of the proceeds to charity) or a new endorsement deal you nabbed. Absolutely no shameless selfies also at this time, unless you want the social media world to roll their eyes at your insensitivity.

DO encourage people to help and commend them
 for their donations and services. Now is the time for us to all band together instead of sourgraping.

DON’T resort to public shaming. If, for some reason, you have people on your timeline that seem to be posting insensitive things, leave them be, or gently remind them privately that now may not be the time to share certain things.

DO continue to count your blessings. If it is your birthday, wedding, anniversary, or if you have just given birth, don’t be ashamed to post your happiness online. Everyone will need a ray of sunshine during these dark times but—

DON’T post how excessive or luxurious your celebrations were. If you have to have more than a simple celebration at this time, do so, but please be discreet. Nobody needs to see your champagne showers or how hungover you are from your wild night.

DO post your efforts if you feel comfortable doing so. Some people may see this as bragging, but it can also encourage people to get out there and do their part.

DON’T post photos of your fabulous trip abroad right now.

Share them later on, when things start looking up. Nobody wants to see you eating a crepe below the Eiffel Tower right now.




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