Haiyan at its Finest

Posted: November 14, 2013 in Articles, Journalism
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                “We prepared for Yolanda, we just didn’t expect she was this cruel”, people from Northern Iloilo exclaimed.

                  As typhoon Haiyan rocked the Philippines on November 8, 2013, everybody was shocked and horrified about its strength. Posts and trees have fallen, roofs were flying and many lives have ended.

                Typhoon Haiyan made its landfall in Iloilo particularly in the Northern Part at exactly 11:45 in the morning of November 8.

                It was not the rain that melted hundreds of homes but the strong winds made people homeless. The strong winds lasted for just almost 6 hours but it left thousands of people who lost their houses, establishments, and lives which they protected for decades.

                5 days have passed but the number of death toll in Iloilo is still increasing. As of 11:00 AM of November 12, 2013, death toll due to super typhoon Yolanda in Iloilo soared to 150, while the number of houses totally damaged is 65,481 and those partially damaged is 44,370.

                Number of relief operations are now implemented. Even universities in Iloilo are campaigning for funds which can really be if great help to the typhoon victims. The West Visayas State University is now campaigning for “Tulong ng West sa North” in which this project asks for bottles of mineral water from their students and other fortunate people to be given to the victims since they for see that water is really a need.

                Capiz and Antique are the most affected on this situation. Until now, there is no easy way of getting in those area as their ways are not yet cleared from the fallen debris, posts, and trees. Thus, giving the people there the least chances of media attention, and relief and rescue operations.

                Governor Art Defensor of the Province of Iloilo has called the attention of authorities as Estancia, Iloilo had oil spill after Haiyan struck the area. Estancia, Iloilo is also a part of Northern Iloilo and the first town which discovered number of 30 deaths few hours after Haiyan had its landfall. 


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