Fish-like Home

Posted: November 17, 2013 in Articles, Journalism
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                BANATE, Iloilo- People have been ready for Yolanda (Haiyan) to landfall even a day before. Some evacuated to the prescribed evacuation areas, but many have chosen to stay in their homes thinking that Yolanda would spare their houses. They were wrong.

Houses and establishments in Banate have been flown away by the merciless wind and hit by the hard pouring rain which harmed hundreds of families in just a couple of hours. Banate has been said to be the starting point where Yolanda has spread its crime.

Yet it is true that Yolanda didn’t kill anyone in this town, but it left many homeless families which until now crave for relief operations.

Gigantic mango trees and towering posts have been cut down by the strong wind. Cables and electricity wires have been left on the ground as well- the worst image of the town that the residents did not imagine in their entire life.

Barangay Talokgangan is one of the most affected barangays in the town as this barangay is located in the shoreline and the residents have their houses just few steps before the seawater.

Despite of what happened, they are thankful that no one had to end a life because of Yolanda. It doesn’t matter to them if Yolanda took away their homes, their money and their pump boats which is their primary tool for fishing every day. As long as Yolanda spares the entire family, everything is going to be okay.

Annabel Gayongorsa of the said barangay, continue to fight the trauma that the typhoon had given her and family. She totally lost her home when Yolanda hit the town and basically built a hut near the shore with fishing net as their wall and dried coconut leaves and wide plastic as their roof.

“ Dose na kabilog ang kabataan ko kag manug trese na sa sunod nga mga binulan. Ang balay ko tung una lapit sa iskwelahan galing ginlupad gd tanan ni Yolanda. Wala man kami may halinan nga iban kay halin sadto diri na ako.” (I have 12 kids and another one will be added for the next few months. Before I built a house here, I live near the elementary school but it was totally flown away by Yolanda. We have nowhere to go anymore because I have been here since I was a child.)

Annabel lives with her 12 children, most of them are still young, together with his husband. They live in darkness at night in their fish-like home.

“Agwanta na lang ta anay sang lambat kag dahon ka lubi kag trapal kay wala man kami inugbakal. Bisan tapi na lang daw budlayan pa kami mangita. Ang inug bakal namon, ibakal na lang namon sang bugas kag sud-an para mapakaon sa amon kabataan.” (We consider fish net and dried coconut leaves and plastic because we don’t have money to buy the materials. We can’t even afford to buy woods. Instead of buying materials, we choose to buy food to feed our children.

Annabel’s family is now depending on the relief goods that is being given to them since they don’t have any means of earning money anymore. She as well consider the fact that she might be delivering her 13th child for the next few months.

  “Isa na ka semana tapos sang bagyo, ka duwa pa lang kami nakabaton sang relief goods, halin sa Mayor kag halin sa kay Binay pagkadto niya di. Intsindihan man namon nga Tacloban grabe gid, pero ti, apektado man kami di kag kinahanglan man namon sang bulig” (It has been a week since Yolanda hit us, but we only received a plastic of relief goods twice- one from Mayor Cabangal and one from VP Binay. We understand that Tacloban has worse situation, but then we as well have been victims of the same typhoon and that we also need help.)



  1. It always amazes me how people dig down and find the strength to carry on in the midst of tragedy. It shows how resilient people are and that the will to survive is much greater than we can ever anticipate. Great post and photos…reading it I am reminded that we have so much materials stuff and yet we need so little.

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