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The year of the water snake has been a balanced of luck and despair. Of course, that’s what life is meant to be, to go on. I just would like to share my 2013 experiences hoping to inspire others and to give advices to many.

The first quarter of 2013 has been very extravagant for me. Surprisingly, I qualify for the Japan East-Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youth- ASEAN Economic Batch 2.0 giving me the opportunity to visit Japan. Not only that, it is an all-expense-paid program by the Japanese Government. Words can’t really explain how grateful I was when that opportunity came into my life. Though I was a little hesitant, thanks to Prof. Ricky G. Abalena III for encouraging me to apply in that program.

Visiting the Land of the Rising Sun has given me the confidence of being myself. I became optimistic in all aspect, I became more patient, I became more understanding. Added to that, I was elected as the Assistant Seretary of our College’s Student Council. I grabbed the chance since it is an opportune time for me to share what I have got in terms of leadership and to take participation in the well-being of my College. I am a part of it until now, and I will never be sorry for committing myself.

My mid-2013 went on so smoothly. In fact, another angel has been added to our family named Bianca Marie Newhook. I was so happy because she is the first daughter/niece/girl grandchild in the Newhook family. I could not deny my parents’ happiness as well as we exchange our conversations through Skype. She is so adorable and jolly. Her smile and giggles can launch a thousand ships and crash a million planes.

In the last quarter of 2013, my world has turned upside down. There have been opportunities I didn’t see coming, and there are those which are not meant for me. At first, one failure is enough. But there was a time that I have received two bad news in one just one day. I got the biggest frustration of the year a day before my birthday. Hurting, isn’t it? I wouldn’t mention all of my failures because it may be used against me, which is something I don’t want to happen. To avoid the bitterness that I feel as well.

If there are two great lessons which 2013 has taught me, they would be:

1. Treasure every opportunity that has been given to you and ;

2. Expect the unexpected.

There are things in life that is not controlled by you. There are things that only fate has the idea. So if fate permits, be thankful. Make the most out of it and never ever forget to share your blessings. Failures are just little decorations that make your life colourful. Now, I am working out an opportunity again without having the idea what will the result be, may be failure again. If that happens, I will be hurt but I will cry no more since I have taken by heart the lesson number 2 that 2013 taught me. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.

My biggest mistake this 2013 was expecting too much. Therefore, I should have no expectations by 2014 to make my life more meaningful and stress- free. In the end, it goes back to the definition of life- Just go on because life is all about FIGHTING!

Happy New Year everyone!


December 25th

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Christmas is when you give love and not pain to others. It is when you give gifts without expecting something in return. Christmas is when to expect Jesus Christ and not Santa Claus.

Christmas is always noted as the best time of the year. Relatives come home from distant places, enjoy  the worthwhile occasion with kids, and most of all, give meaning to this yuletide season. Financial crisis has never been a hindrance to celebrate the Christmas.

As I talked to Yolanda victims, they say, there are lots of reasons not to celebrate Christmas. They don’t have homes, relatives died, no money, and the trauma that the typhoon gave them will never be forgotten. But they choose to celebrate this season since there are more reasons to be thankful for. They survived, they lost their homes and infrastructures and not their lives. As they celebrate this Christmas, they will mark this day as a sign as their hope.

People have different kinds of preparations this Christmas. To elites, they can afford to buy high-costing ham, Lechon, Keso de Bola, and other luscious food. For financially- challenged families, a pan of spaghetti and a loaf of bread is more than a blessing. Whatever kinds of food it is, as long as a home is full of love, understanding and forgiveness, everything will fall in their proper places. I think that’s what matters most.

You know, everyone has a very reason to be thankful for this Christmas. Every day is a blessing. When we open our eyes from a long-time sleep is already a gift. When we receive allowance from our parents is already a present. We don’t have to spend much money just to buy presents. You see, everyday is giving of gifts, therefore, every day is Christmas.

I admit that there are people who committed mistake against me. But believe me, I am trying my best to give you all, but the pain will always be there, I swear, time will heal. Also, I would like to utter my sincerest apology to those people whom I committed mistake to, may it be in one way or two. I may not be aware of that sin, but my heart says to ask for forgiveness every Christmas.

May all of you have a wonderful Christmas!


Thank you, to whomever edited this music video. This was actually done for Haiti’s tragedy few years ago but it is so overwhelming to see the effort. Thank you

                Complains are inevitable. As long as people see anomalies and transgressions on the Philippine government, they act like lawyers and decide like judges as to what to think and condemn them for. Can anybody stop and look at the other side of it, even just once?

                There is no part in the world where corruption doesn’t occur. May it be in school, institutions and most especially in politics. Yes, the Philippine Government have flaws as well. But if someone would think, those flaws are not a single tip of the good deeds and the invaluable sacrifices our government has given us. Everyone should know that the Philippine Government is as good as that of the USA because our laws and regulations were patterned after theirs. The only problem is, the application of such laws.

                Supertyphoon Yolanda (Haiyan) has tested the Philippine government. They had been hit by complains about scarcity of goods, military power, and most of all they have been stoned by criticisms about slow relief operations. We could not deny that these are really happening. Most people say, there is corruption happening even just in the re-packing of the goods. Again, we could not avoid that.

                Government is composed of officials of different culture, ages, values, and doings. They have been hired because they are capable of serving the Filipino people and perhaps, it is our business to know everything that they are doing. Therefore, not all officials are corrupt so do not generalize. But, we cannot control them. What I am trying to emphasize is that, we, the Filipino people don’t have the power to control the official’s personal interests. It is natural to satisfy their needs and wants- it is just that, they are doing it in a wrong way and it’s up to their conscience to carry them, if they have one.

                As a simple citizen of the Philippines, what do you think can you contribute to help our country to surpass this big tragedy that happened in Visayas? I bet complains and anger wouldn’t give any aid at all, would they? There are many ways to help the victims recover. You can check your cabinets out for unused clothes, spend a bucks or two for food, and a family you will help will be more than thankful.

                You know, complains are not the only solutions for problems. Yes, it is sometimes effective as you are being heard by the authority but then you can make a step that will produce a bigger impact and utility.

                Stop complaining, help our government, help every Filipino people, help rebuild the Bisaya, Ilonggo and Capiznon, make Philippines stronger!


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