The Unavoidables

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Articles, Journalism
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                Complains are inevitable. As long as people see anomalies and transgressions on the Philippine government, they act like lawyers and decide like judges as to what to think and condemn them for. Can anybody stop and look at the other side of it, even just once?

                There is no part in the world where corruption doesn’t occur. May it be in school, institutions and most especially in politics. Yes, the Philippine Government have flaws as well. But if someone would think, those flaws are not a single tip of the good deeds and the invaluable sacrifices our government has given us. Everyone should know that the Philippine Government is as good as that of the USA because our laws and regulations were patterned after theirs. The only problem is, the application of such laws.

                Supertyphoon Yolanda (Haiyan) has tested the Philippine government. They had been hit by complains about scarcity of goods, military power, and most of all they have been stoned by criticisms about slow relief operations. We could not deny that these are really happening. Most people say, there is corruption happening even just in the re-packing of the goods. Again, we could not avoid that.

                Government is composed of officials of different culture, ages, values, and doings. They have been hired because they are capable of serving the Filipino people and perhaps, it is our business to know everything that they are doing. Therefore, not all officials are corrupt so do not generalize. But, we cannot control them. What I am trying to emphasize is that, we, the Filipino people don’t have the power to control the official’s personal interests. It is natural to satisfy their needs and wants- it is just that, they are doing it in a wrong way and it’s up to their conscience to carry them, if they have one.

                As a simple citizen of the Philippines, what do you think can you contribute to help our country to surpass this big tragedy that happened in Visayas? I bet complains and anger wouldn’t give any aid at all, would they? There are many ways to help the victims recover. You can check your cabinets out for unused clothes, spend a bucks or two for food, and a family you will help will be more than thankful.

                You know, complains are not the only solutions for problems. Yes, it is sometimes effective as you are being heard by the authority but then you can make a step that will produce a bigger impact and utility.

                Stop complaining, help our government, help every Filipino people, help rebuild the Bisaya, Ilonggo and Capiznon, make Philippines stronger!



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