December 25th

Posted: December 24, 2013 in Articles, Journalism
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Christmas is when you give love and not pain to others. It is when you give gifts without expecting something in return. Christmas is when to expect Jesus Christ and not Santa Claus.

Christmas is always noted as the best time of the year. Relatives come home from distant places, enjoy  the worthwhile occasion with kids, and most of all, give meaning to this yuletide season. Financial crisis has never been a hindrance to celebrate the Christmas.

As I talked to Yolanda victims, they say, there are lots of reasons not to celebrate Christmas. They don’t have homes, relatives died, no money, and the trauma that the typhoon gave them will never be forgotten. But they choose to celebrate this season since there are more reasons to be thankful for. They survived, they lost their homes and infrastructures and not their lives. As they celebrate this Christmas, they will mark this day as a sign as their hope.

People have different kinds of preparations this Christmas. To elites, they can afford to buy high-costing ham, Lechon, Keso de Bola, and other luscious food. For financially- challenged families, a pan of spaghetti and a loaf of bread is more than a blessing. Whatever kinds of food it is, as long as a home is full of love, understanding and forgiveness, everything will fall in their proper places. I think that’s what matters most.

You know, everyone has a very reason to be thankful for this Christmas. Every day is a blessing. When we open our eyes from a long-time sleep is already a gift. When we receive allowance from our parents is already a present. We don’t have to spend much money just to buy presents. You see, everyday is giving of gifts, therefore, every day is Christmas.

I admit that there are people who committed mistake against me. But believe me, I am trying my best to give you all, but the pain will always be there, I swear, time will heal. Also, I would like to utter my sincerest apology to those people whom I committed mistake to, may it be in one way or two. I may not be aware of that sin, but my heart says to ask for forgiveness every Christmas.

May all of you have a wonderful Christmas!



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