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The first step in solving a problem is to be aware that really, there is one. Sure, all organizations encounter problems and challenges and it takes a tough manager to overcome those.

Information Technology is but an important part of every function today. Fast food chains, hardware, and grocery store have systems that monitor, holds and process the activity of a specific outfit. These entities and establishments also face issues, most especially on the production of goods and services, which frequently arise in the workplace. When this happens, it’s the manager who calls the shot.

Critical thinking is necessary for a manager when taking part in Information System decisions. One can’t just make a decision just because it is the easiest or the less risky procedure. An efficient manager is able to realize and determine better options quickly without compromising the desired output. One is able to determine and understand the logical connections and ideas. It is but a very substantial part in every sound decision.


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When one manager is able to think critically weighing objectively all the options present, it would be great if it is complemented with excellent leadership skills. Leaders, in nature, are always liable of the decisions in a company or an organization. Leadership skills would mean accountability, positive influence, motivator and of course, a firm decision-maker. In this case, a leader is a team player who uses the power to encourage people to support his motive.

Communication skill is also a course in the table. Managers are expected to let their subordinates understand the decision taken or be engaged in the process of choosing between choices that would benefit the company best. It is always necessary for a manager to communicate with his line and subordinate staff- to lobby and ask for further ideas in order to maintain the same level of thinking. Through communication, better relationships are created, deriving at increased teamwork and better decision making.

Information System has nothing but convenience to each and every entity. It only differs, however, on the way it is managed by someone who’s got the skills to fully maximize its potential.









How is IT Helpful?

Posted: January 20, 2018 in Reflection


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Gone are the days when our grandparents were used of sending telegrams just to communicate with their pals. It is also almost impossible to remember the exact date when we last used our floppy disks to save our academic projects that meant everything to us. It was precisely a rough time moving on from the typewriter machine when data software were introduced. Indeed, lots of convenience were brought by IT not only to institutions and organizations, but also for every significant individual.

In my existence, although IT has its own weakness, it has a lot to do on how quickly I can go about my life. IT has given so much substance in terms of wireless connection. There is the presence of social media, where everything is possible. Through Wireless Fidelity, there is an ease in communicating, transferring, monitoring and processing of matters that are necessary to the function and sanity of a person or an organization. If it takes a couple of months to receive snail-mail documents before, electronic copies can always be generated now-in just a click away.


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Above other things, IT has saved a lot of resources. The human resource and financial resource of an organization are greatly affected. A machine is one of the best examples that can illustrate this scenario where the work of two people can be done by just one machine. Not only that money (salary) is saved but also the amount of time is conserved. That would mean, not only that workers are effective since they know what their specific work is, work efficiency is increased.

In my field of public service, IT has become our tool in making decisions for the Commission on Population. Because of our Management Information System Unit, data are used as benchmarks as we program our next projects and services. Since now is the time that evidence are needed to tell a story, I can say that IT plays a very significant role in today’s whereabouts. Also through IT and its platforms, our demand generation function is strongly executed.

Some people would still think what’s in it for them when they explore and invest in Information Technology. Sure, with proper usage and knowledge how to manage these, They can go further. IT only gets better.