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What’s on wireless?

Posted: February 24, 2018 in Uncategorized

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Gone are the days when people have to wait for a number of months to receive their mails. More often than not, it will take several days for documents to be processed in offices and be acted upon. The new millennium has brought about so many beneficial creations that maybe some of us didn’t see it coming. Let us call on wireless technology.

According to studies, most of the millennials are already digitally wired. Sky is the limit to those who have internet connections as one can do anything that is wanted at any given time. If we try to dissect, wireless network connection is offering a number of opportunities.

For companies, wireless network technology has caused economic opportunities. It allowed the companies to save a huge amount of money since all transactions can be possibly done online nowadays. Information sharing that is usually done through meetings can be effortlessly done in just a click away without really appearing in the concerned party- spending for the fare and all means just to get the business done. Associated with opportunities is the opportunity for the organization to increase productivity. With wireless network technology, mobility of work will always be available so employees will have the chance to maximize their freedom of operation. Added to this is an avenue for these employees to collaborate with their co-employees easily in their own time, if they wish. Files that are necessary for the procedures of an organization for an instance are stored and can be accessed by all employees as long as it’s stored in a network- more like of a central file.

Although wireless network technology is a big catch for a company, it should be treated with care. Guidelines such as only employees of an organization are allowed to access that local network of an organization to highlight confidentiality of data is a must. Also, all data and information is restricted to the operations of the company and organization to ensure that security is controlled.

With proper management and usage of the wireless network technology, all organizations and companies will gain. Generally, this kind of technology saves time, human and monetary resource, and even maximizes opportunities for the better performance of the organization.



Information technology is undeniably one of the tools that guards all necessary data to the function of an organization or a company. Once you’ve got the skills to effectively and efficiently run programs, you’re gonna go a long way.

For employees, there is the fear of totally adapting to the glory of IT. Let’s admit it-it takes guts and talents to really master all the pieces. In my humble opinion, it is going to be fair for the organization to outsource IT Security. Given that there is no one capable of handling such within the organization, it would be better to turnover the security to a trusted partner rather than sacrificing and compromising the whole thing.

In IT, risk will always be identical to it. Danger is present whenever one company decides to outsource IT security. One is confidentiality of information, most especially if it contains assets and identity of people. All data that is obtained by a company could really be used for and against them. Other issue could include access to IT itself. Since one have entrusted it to a third party, the organization will have no quick access to their information-needing the aid of the people in-charge that could probably take heaps of time. Another thing could be miscommunication at some point. Since an organization have many data to store, there will come a point that one data is more important than the other- and this is going to set a different level of perspective from the manager and the IT-expert. What is important to you as a manager will not be as important to the IT geek.

Should IT outsourcing be done, certain provisions in the service legal agreement must be highlighted. If the instance come that there is already tampering and exploitation of the data and information, one needs to realize his liability. All passwords and access shall be made confidential and turning over of these things must be done if the third-party decides to separate from service. He should also be made aware of the scope of the intellectual rights of the organization.

Although it is fine to outsource IT security, it is best if the company can invest in their employees when it comes to this. But whenever they should, the manager may have to find good people to do business with – preferably through referrals – and trust instincts.




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