Blame it to Nobody

  Filipinos are known to be resilient to any changes that happen in the environment. They are innovative, wise, creative, and resourceful among others. They are fast learners and they have the ability to adapt to change quickly, most especially in technological advancements. There are a lot of computer-based activities that Filipinos are good at. … More Blame it to Nobody

Doubling Success

(Photo from Google) Management is said to be one of the tools that determine the success and progress of an organization or a company. Surely, tasks, people and resources are managed to achieve efficiency and reach goals. But sharing knowledge and managing it in the people within the organization fuels productivity and one’s development. Being … More Doubling Success

More Than Technology

(Photo from Google) Being wired digitally is one of the common things that are rampant nowadays. Everyone has the ability to connect to the Internet and other software through gadgets for personal reasons-maintaining relationships online, communication, business affairs and even just out of curiosity. Business intelligence could be one of the best innovations in this … More More Than Technology

Shop Until You Drop

With the existence of the internet, mobile application, mobile banking, and of course smartphones, everything is possible. You can watch a movie, download a series of drama and even buy things online. Whatever it is in your mind, e-businesses have it. Let’s digest how internet and shopping have paved the way for better living.   … More Shop Until You Drop