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Filipinos are known to be resilient to any changes that happen in the environment. They are innovative, wise, creative, and resourceful among others. They are fast learners and they have the ability to adapt to change quickly, most especially in technological advancements.

There are a lot of computer-based activities that Filipinos are good at. They can do just anything what you tell them to do. However, the software that they are using are not all the time licensed so the issue on software piracy is always on the plate. These soft wares are very expensive and are unaffordable to many users.

Although Filipinos have the liability of using these softwares without license, they can’t be blamed for using pirated software. Since the Philippines is one of the developing countries and it offers relatively low salaries, people will not mind getting everything from the web for free rather than paying for it which will eat up at least 50 percent of their monthly salary.

Software such as MS office has been a part of the everyday living of every Filipino. Its features such as the Microsoft Word are necessary for students Microsoft Powerpoint and Excel for professionals and Access for organizations. Photoshop for businesses who are in the corporate world and other editing software are always in demand for Filipinos.


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Since these softwares are in-demand in the Philippines, lowering the cost of these products could everyone most especially he Filipinos is a win-win situation. More people will be able to use the softwares while owners still make a profit. Mitigating the software piracy is a handful of job and making such measures of lowering the cost could be one alternative to minimize if not totally eradicate it.

Along with the technological advancement is also the risk it goes with. The beauty of digitation in this world is going to be a subject for abuse and doing initiatives to lessen this will preserve bot customer relations and organization profit.




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Management is said to be one of the tools that determine the success and progress of an organization or a company. Surely, tasks, people and resources are managed to achieve efficiency and reach goals. But sharing knowledge and managing it in the people within the organization fuels productivity and one’s development.

Being in public service, I believe that our organization will benefit much from Knowledge Management. In an organization, people come and go- most especially millennials of today who choose to leave and quit their jobs in just a snap without sharing their tacit knowledge that can help the organization grow. Same goes to those employees who take their retirement.

Knowledge Management involves strategies and processes designed to identify, capture, structure, value, leverage, and share an organization’s intellectual assets to enhance its performance and competitiveness and eventually gain more profit for that matter. Not only will the good practices be adopted by the new employees, but people will also have the chance to innovate and explore more on the knowledge shared most especially on how to ease day-to-day challenges.


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Truly, knowledge is power but knowledge sharing is empowerment. When a person is knowledgeable of the skills on how to survive a drowning boat, that person will be able to save himself. Sharing and teaching others of the skills that one hse will also save other people who are on the same boat. The process will go on, leaving everyone with skills to do a better job of saving one’s self and others. This is also applicable to any organization.

Without knowledge management, organizations will have a hard and rough time investing on their human resource.



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Being wired digitally is one of the common things that are rampant nowadays. Everyone has the ability to connect to the Internet and other software through gadgets for personal reasons-maintaining relationships online, communication, business affairs and even just out of curiosity.

Business intelligence could be one of the best innovations in this century that is converting the over-all process of a business or an organization a competitive one. However, its state of being available doesn’t mean it’s going to be compatible and will be an interest to all companies. There might be specific reasons as to why they avoid using one but utilizing even just one of these will surely be an advantage.


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Fear is a relevant assumption that can be associated with people avoiding using business intelligence tools. In this case, I agree that offering rewards to employees who are knowledgeable in using these will become effective. A simple recognition will do, a certificate or a citation that will really leave importance to the employee where one can conclude that doing better can go a long way. In this way, employees will be inspired to explore on the said tools given that there is something for them at the end of the process.

On the other hand, paying a performance-based fee on using business intelligence tools will also be a good bait to force employees to try these innovations. Not only will they know the latest trends in technology, but they will also offer quality and efficient productivity to the organization as a whole. It will give them a feeling that they are well-paid for a job they are doing beyond the usual, knowing for a fact that they have been doing tactics the old way for decades.

Business intelligence tools are making their way to be mainstream to all companies. It gives not only convenience to ease processes, but it does more accuracy thus, lessens human error.

With the existence of the internet, mobile application, mobile banking, and of course smartphones, everything is possible. You can watch a movie, download a series of drama and even buy things online. Whatever it is in your mind, e-businesses have it. Let’s digest how internet and shopping have paved the way for better living.



Online shopping will just get better through time. However, along with this innovation is the requirement of being a wise customer. Happy shopping!