Blame it to Nobody



Filipinos are known to be resilient to any changes that happen in the environment. They are innovative, wise, creative, and resourceful among others. They are fast learners and they have the ability to adapt to change quickly, most especially in technological advancements.

There are a lot of computer-based activities that Filipinos are good at. They can do just anything what you tell them to do. However, the software that they are using are not all the time licensed so the issue on software piracy is always on the plate. These soft wares are very expensive and are unaffordable to many users.

Although Filipinos have the liability of using these softwares without license, they can’t be blamed for using pirated software. Since the Philippines is one of the developing countries and it offers relatively low salaries, people will not mind getting everything from the web for free rather than paying for it which will eat up at least 50 percent of their monthly salary.

Software such as MS office has been a part of the everyday living of every Filipino. Its features such as the Microsoft Word are necessary for students Microsoft Powerpoint and Excel for professionals and Access for organizations. Photoshop for businesses who are in the corporate world and other editing software are always in demand for Filipinos.


(Photo from Google)

Since these softwares are in-demand in the Philippines, lowering the cost of these products could everyone most especially he Filipinos is a win-win situation. More people will be able to use the softwares while owners still make a profit. Mitigating the software piracy is a handful of job and making such measures of lowering the cost could be one alternative to minimize if not totally eradicate it.

Along with the technological advancement is also the risk it goes with. The beauty of digitation in this world is going to be a subject for abuse and doing initiatives to lessen this will preserve bot customer relations and organization profit.



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