IT is Life


(Photo from web)

Information Technology must be one of the most unexpected innovations that has been discovered. Life has been pretty easy before, but with IT, the world became more amazing and it’s shocking how it eases life.

To be honest, I have enjoyed the glory of information technology since I was in 1st year high school. I knew how Friendster worked, how vulnerable it is to be in Facebook, what I can get from Twitter and Instagram. I started my blog when it was required of us in college and I ended up liking it since I get to post my expressions and knowing the fact that it can be accessed by whoever in just a click away.

As I grew older, I understood how important it is to secure your safety and privacy. Although information technology can operate, it couldn’t if you don’t wish it to. In short, it is only operational whenever it’s being fed with commands. I must say that it has been a really beneficial aspect of my life since then may it be personal and professional.

My enrolment at University of the Philippines Visayas under the Master in Management Program has deepened my knowledge in IT. It taught me how complicated yet useful IT is, how it can make or break an organization, its good and bad sides, and how people can maximize the benefit out of it. I realized that all these years, I have belittled what IT can really do in every individual and an organization. With the presence of social media and the internet, nothing is impossible, if it is used in both the right and wrong way.

The world of IT has continuously improving as time passes by. Believe me, everything is made for the motive of making life easier to live. Time will come that innovations will be present at times we didn’t anticipate and it will only get better.


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