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At some point in your life, you will encounter someone who is absolutely 100% perfect for you. There is a catch, though. There is always a catch. It could be a force beyond your control. It could be something that you bring upon yourself; your fears, needs, or feelings that you weren’t ready for. It may be an age difference, a distance problem, or some other way of physically keeping you apart. The point is, this person could have been everything you wanted, but they slipped through the cracks. They are known most commonly as the one that got away. But what if the one that got away is back?

He got away because of your immaturity. He got away because of the certain things you thought was extraordinary and you thought you can’t handle. He got away because you were selfish. He got away because you thought he wouldn’t be so much for you. He left because you made him thought you don’t deserve him. He left because he really felt unwanted when all he was asking was to love him back.

Gone are the days that you didn’t even think of him. You concentrated on building yourself, making memories with the wrong person, achieving your personal goals and having good times with the environment you were in. During those times, there will always be one thing that will remind you of him and how crazy you were few years back. May this thing be a letter, a word, a song, or even just a thought but it will pinch you on the inside. Even just a little bit.

Late at night when you are having the worst day of your life burdened with the worst person you’re with at the present, you are left with options of thinking the ‘what if’s’ like thinking the possibility of not cutting your relationship before with someone who was ready to give the whole world to you. What if you didn’t make him feel that you didn’t love him at all? What if you were mature enough to handle a relationship that time? What… If…?

You’d be insane thinking what he was doing during the time that he was moving on, what he did when you were enjoying the life of being single for a while, being with another guy for just split of a second and leaving him of the whereabouts why you have broken up with him, and you’d be hysterical to find out how he dealt with the heartbreak you caused him.

You will think that you didn’t deserve how well he treated you, how long he stayed with you, how would he stayed awake just to speak to you and worst, you’d think that you didn’t deserve him. But again, what if he comes back? You made your way back to each other’s arms, fell madly in love as if nothing happened in the past. Everything is so perfect. Everything seems to last a lifetime.

You’ve lost that person and found him again. The second time around, things just made more sense. Honestly, timing has a lot to do with everything. In the past, you aren’t ready for each other yet that is why you parted ways. This time, don’t let him go. This chance is giving yourself a second try just like giving yourself an extra bullet for your gun because you missed him the first time.

Give it your best shot.




Halik by PLyca

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I don’t know why I posted this. But it just give me goosebumps.

So fascinating

Lord, patawad!

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interesting deliberation of our sins. Funny but true. 🙂

You are my song

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Another OPM song. I just love music which sounds ballad to my ears.

Magkabilang Mundo

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This is for those who are having long distance relationships.


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Sang by Side A. Very inspiring and this is a song full of love. ❤ Filipino hit. 🙂


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I had been addicted to this once lol

Ako’y Sayo at ika’y akin lamang

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Theme song since 2009